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The Inventor:
Prof. Dr. Arnold Upmeyer


Lamp Features:

• ideal for digital movie cameras and digital cameras
• shows a capacity of 6 times 1 Watt at 12 Volt DC
• illuminates objects evenly: no 'hot spots'
• reduces reflection of floating particles
• virtually shadow-free illumination
• can be dimmed
• creates white daylight of app. 5500¾ Kelvin
• delivers brilliant colors
• is extremely shock proof
• has an estimated life expectancy of 10000 hours
• uses little current: 8-10 rechargeable Mignon-cells provide full illumination for more than one hour. A constant current source prevents illumination/color fluctuations. Only later will the illumination strength gradually diminish. After 2 hours, the night dive instruments can still be illuminated and will be legible. Accordingly, the lamp can be used as a safe backup.